Links: How to do mathematics, how to do philosophy


This is just to spread two texts that have impressed me recently and that share the property of being rather personal perspectives on (life with/in) two academic disciplines I feel related to — mathematics and philosophy:

  • Ruth Millikan’s John Dewey lecture, entitled ‘Accidents’ — Ruth Millikan, one of the philosophers that have influenced me most up to now, gives a sketch of her biography, why she had published her first book “only” at the age of 55, how being a woman in academia and especially philosophy was perceived by her, and thoughts on the conditions that enable good philosophy.
  • St. Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, dogma and mathematics — a deep and deliberately incomplete reflection on two possible starting points of thinking: general axioms vs. specific examples, and how this relates to truth and personal experience, and the way people interact with each other.

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