gitlabr 0.7 released + Roadmap for gitlabr


gitlabr 0.7, the most of recent version of my R client for gitlab is on CRAN now. Apart from several bugfixes, with this version, almost all exported functions were renamed to a naming scheme that is more consistent internally, avoids conflicts with other packages (most notably git2r)): All convenience and connection functions now start with gl_. Hence, I strongly recommend updating to this newest version. Note that the package version 0.7 comes with a function update_gitlabr_code, that takes a file or text and replaces the old gitlabr function names with the new ones to migrate your code. The functions' old names are still exported and point to their new pendants, but include a deprecation warning. They will be deleted with gitlabr version 1.0, which I plan to release in the course of 2017.

Note on gitlab API v4

With Gitlab 9.0, to be released on March 22, 2017, according to Gitlab#20070 the new API v4 will be published. I will start to work on support in gitlabr for the API v4 after that release. The old API v3 will be deprecated but running until at least Gitlab 9.3 (expected June 22, 2017) and I hope that gitlabr supports the new version fully, before this release. You can contribute to this process on or Github.