In search of the fundamental theorem of statistics: arriving at (Bernoulli 1713)


Many mathematical disciplines call one result their fundamental theorem. Recall the fundamental theorem of algebra or the fundamental theorem of calculus. There are many more theorems named “fundamental theorems” for subdisciplines as exotic as, for example, ideal theory in number fields. What is missing, though, is something people agreed upon calling the “fundamental theorem of statistics”. Here, I will discuss a few candidates for this title, including the central limit theorem as well Bayes’ theorem, and finally argue that most promising is a historic precursor of the law of large numbers sometimes called “Bernoulli’s theorem”.

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SBR: Gelman & Cortina: A quantitative tour of the social sciences


Andrew Gelman is professor of statistics and political science at Columbia and also known for his blog

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Links: How to do mathematics, how to do philosophy


This is just to spread two texts that have impressed me recently and that share

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Markdown + Latex -> Fast & easy mathematical note taking


I’ve started to use Markdown for taking notes some time ago and I love it

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Reply to: Normality and Testing for Normality


This post is a reply to the recent post “Normality and Testing for Normality” on

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